Wednesday, July 31, 2013


Rich and I have been working hard on some projects.  Here it is all completed (with little N-man joining in on the fun):

We got a new bed in May.  So we needed something for the bed, and I originally wanted a beautiful comforter.  But I was not a fan of how bulky and heavy they are.  So then I got this crazy idea to make a quilt.  After searching for weeks, I decided on this pattern by Miss Rosie. found here.  

First I picked the fabrics.  I got them all at Cactus Quilt Shop on Orange Grove and Oracle.  I was in love with their whole selection. 

Fabric all cut out


First squares all sewn

Big center star.  If you look closely, you can see that I had to unpick it after taking this picture.  I'm not telling how many times I unpicked the stiches in this one big square so the seams would match. 

It's actually looking like a quilt!

Almost done...This was all the piecing that I used the pattern for.  Just have to add the borders to make it fit the bed.  

In the meantime, Rich built this beautiful headboard for our bed.  I am so in love with it!
See more of his project here:

Completed quilt!  Such a great feeling.  The borders are on, it's been quilted, and the binding is complete.  I am sooo happy with it.  

One more final image of the completed quilt with the headboard.